Teaching and Learning

The quality of teaching is outstanding across all year groups within the school and supported by teachers who know their subjects extremely well and are able to impart their knowledge to students with passion and rigour…. Students feed off their teachers’ expertise, making secure gains in their knowledge and understanding of any topics being discussed….. Leaders at every level share a passion for students to succeed and for the school to be a beacon of excellence within the community. They have very high aspirations and expect the highest standards from everyone.”

Ofsted December 2014


Respect for Learning

“Students attitudes to learning, to their school, to each other and to the staff are highly positive….. Students behaviour is faultless throughout all year groups. They are courteous and respectful to all staff and mutual respect abounds.”

Ofsted December 2014


We insist that all students behave in an appropriate manner, in the classroom, around school and in the immediate vicinity of the school grounds. Sanctions we can impose include; detentions, fixed term exclusions and permanent exclusions. Behaviour can be monitored by reports and parents/carers are fully informed of all decisions made.

We have a carefully thought out anti-bullying policy. Students were involved in developing this. We always act promptly when we are made aware of bullying. We do not tolerate bullying.  We counsel and support the victims.

Teaching Staff list September 2016 (PDF)

Students are immersed in their learning when in lessons.

Ofsted December 2014